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Luminox Watches for Men

Take Flight with the brand new P-38 LIGHTNING® Series

Luminox is the official watch partner for the American Aerospace engineering juggernaut, Lockheed Martin. Through this partnership, Luminox takes inspiration from of the most revolutionary airplanes of its time designed by Lockheed.

Luminox Lockheed Martin

The Luminox Air Pilot P-38 LIGHTNING® lives up to the storied fighter aircraft that heroically served during WWII in both the European and Asian Theatres of Operations. Feared by the enemy because of their manoeuvrability even at high altitudes, the fighter aircraft earned the nickname, The Fork Tailed Devil, by the Luftwaffe. Lockheed’s P-38 LIGHTNING® was an engineering feat of its day, and the new Luminox Air Pilot P-38 pays homage to both the design and functionality of this iconic airplane.

Luminox Watches for Men - Luminox P-38 Lightning Watches


A highly legible, easy-to-read dial in a 42mm stainless steel case features a GMT function that allows you to track multiple time zones, making it a must-have for any worldwide traveller.

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