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Our commitment to sustainability continues to grow stronger!

Our commitment to sustainability continues to grow stronger!

The Mondaine Group is one of the first comprehensively carbon-neutral watch companies in the world, representing a significant achievement for the family-run SEM, which was founded in 1951. Greenhouse gases, such as CO2, contribute to global warming and are responsible for the increasing imbalances in the ecosystem with heat waves, flooding, fires and storms worldwide as a consequence.

The Mondaine Group, and all its 4 brands, has been engaged in efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint for several decades. And, in the year 2020, the watch group achieved it's first carbon neutrality, and we did it again in 2021. Our carbon neutrality extends to all areas of our business as per scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas protocol (GHG). This includes the emissions in the Swiss watch factory, the HQ in Pfaffikon, all Luminox, Mondaine, M+WATCH and Pierre Cardin watch components, gift boxes, display materials, their shipping to the Swiss factory, packaging, waste materials, electric power, heating and cooling of water as well as business travelling.

Our specially crafted range of eco-friendly watches from Bear Grylls are extremely important in helping to world heal from the effects of greenhouse gases.

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