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#TIDE Ocean Recycled-Plastic Collection

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#TIDE Ocean Recycled-Plastic Collection

Sustainability has been on Luminox's radar for a while and we are proud to launch our new #TIDE Ocean Recycled-Plastic Collection to help clean up the ocean.

The #TIDE material starts out as this collected plastic waste from 5 islands in the Andaman sea. This plastic is then broken down by a sophisticated sustainable process to its base particles. These are treated, cleaned and then shredded so that they can be injected, just like the original plastic it once was. In this way, Luminox reuses this material, reduces the impact on the planet, and helps clean up the ocean. 

This Luminox watch collection includes the 8900 series which is made out of 100% recycled ocean-plastic #tide material for the case, strap and bezel. With the #TIDE Series watches, you can feel good about helping Luminox make a difference.