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Luminox launches new Limited Edition Master Carbon SEAL watch 'No One Left Behind'

Luminox launches new Limited Edition Master Carbon SEAL watch 'No One Left Behind'

Luminox Navy SEAL Watches


Limited to only 888 pieces, Luminox reimagines their Master Carbon SEAL with this special edition watch memorializing the age-old Navy SEAL’s sacred commitment: No One Left Behind. It is both a creed and an ethos by which this elite military unit abide. Luminox launched its first SEAL watch nearly 30 years ago, and now they are proud to announce the newest version from the successful 3800 series in a No One Left Behind packaged set with a black EPDM rubber strap, and a black webbing strap, providing versatility. 

Servicemen have lived by No One Left Behind for decades to ensure comradery and strength. This mantra now embodies the newest hard-wearing Luminox timepiece, and the motto is inscribed on the back of each of these limited edition timepieces. The Master Carbon Seal is brushed with gold-coloured details that subtly contrast the CARBONOX™+ case and bezel. As with every other Luminox timepiece, it incorporates Luminox Light Technology (LLT), making sure that your timepiece is visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years. With a Swiss made Quartz movement, this limited edition watch piece is individually tested to be water resistant up to 300 meters / 1.000 feet. 

Like all Luminox Navy SEAL watches, the new Master Carbon SEAL 3800 series limited edition is designed for the SEAL’s most perilous quests from swimming in the darkness of night to stealthily crossing into enemy territory on a rescue mission. The Master Carbon SEAL limited edition can stand up to every challenge you may possibly face. Additionally, it is a reminder to encourage and uplift your colleagues to stand together despite obstacles.

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