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Luminox Original Navy SEAL EVO 3000 Watch series

Luminox launches 3 new additions to the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO series

Luminox is a brand beloved by all for their durable and dependable timepieces. 

For nearly three decades, Luminox has maintained a significant association with the elite Navy SEALs, dating back to 1992. The brand takes pride in producing watches that consistently meet the demanding standards of this specialised military division, ensuring durability in every conceivable environment and adventure.

In response to the exacting requirements of the Navy SEALs, Luminox introduced the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO—a timepiece meticulously designed for SEAL night missions and other challenging conditions. This remarkable piece originated from the renowned Navy SEAL 3001 and holds the distinction of being officially licensed by, and created in collaboration with, the US Navy.

Luminox elevates the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO Series with the introduction of three new military-inspired colour options: Sand, OD Green, and Black with a White dial. These additions not only expand the series but also offer enthusiasts a broader range of aesthetic choices. Enhancing its durability, the new Navy SEAL 3000 EVO models incorporate a sapphire crystal, ensuring resilience against the rigors of demanding situations.

Luminox Original Navy SEAL EVO 3000 Watch Series

The timepiece boasts a 43mm case and impressive water resistance of up to 200 meters, attesting to its suitability for maritime environments. Powered by an exceptionally precise Swiss Made quartz movement, the new Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO continues Luminox's legacy of crafting robust watches tailored for military personnel and first responders who rely on precision and resilience in their daily operations.

An integral feature of Luminox watches, the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO incorporates Luminox Light Technology. This cutting-edge technology ensures optimal visibility in any lighting conditions for an astonishing 25 years. The luminescent markers and hands on the dial guarantee that the timepiece remains easily readable, providing a crucial advantage in situations where time is of the essence.

Luminox Original Navy SEAL EVO 3000 Watch Series

Luminox's Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO Series not only pays homage to its longstanding collaboration with the Navy SEALs but also showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence. With new colour options, enhanced durability, and precision-driven features, these timepieces continue to serve as reliable companions for those navigating the challenges of military and emergency response duties.

Check out the new Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO series watches here.

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