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Luminox Pacific Diver Watch Collection

Luminox introduces virbant colours to the Pacific Diver series

The Luminox Pacific Diver Series serves as a homage to the vast expanse of the world's largest and deepest body of water, the Pacific Ocean. This awe-inspiring ecosystem is not only home to over 225,000 known species but also beckons divers and adventurers with its mysteries and wonders. Encompassing a staggering 155 million square kilometers, the Pacific Ocean claims a remarkable 30% of the Earth's surface area. It is against this breathtaking backdrop that Luminox draws inspiration for its new timepieces, presenting them in fresh styles and captivating colourways.
As the ocean once again takes center stage as the creative muse, Luminox introduces two seasonal summer editions that pay tribute to the tropics. These new additions feature vibrant yellow and bold orange dials and straps, making a bold splash in the world of timepiece design. The infusion of tropical colours adds a lively and dynamic touch to the Pacific Diver Series, capturing the spirit of summer and evoking the vibrant hues found in tropical paradises.
Luminox Pacific Diver Watches
Crafted within a durable stainless steel 44mm case, the new timepieces boast a CARBONOX™ uni-directional rotating bezel, highlighting their suitability for any adventure. The CARBONOX™ material ensures both strength and lightness, contributing to the overall robustness of the watches. Further enhancing the versatility of these timepieces are cut-to-fit straps, allowing wearers to tailor the watches to their wrists for a personalised and comfortable fit.
Designed to withstand the challenges of aquatic exploration, the Pacific Diver Series timepieces are water-resistant up to an impressive 660 feet. This exceptional level of water resistance makes them reliable companions for divers and water enthusiasts, providing confidence and functionality in underwater environments. As with every Luminox timepiece, the Pacific Diver Series incorporates Luminox Light technology, a groundbreaking feature that ensures visibility in any lighting conditions for an astonishing 25 years. This innovative technology enhances the practicality and reliability of these timepieces, aligning them with Luminox's commitment to delivering top-notch performance.
Luminox Pacific Diver Watch Series
The Luminox Pacific Diver Series not only pays homage to the vastness and beauty of the Pacific Ocean but also reflects Luminox's dedication to creating timepieces that embody both style and substance. With their durable construction, water-resistant capabilities, and cutting-edge Luminox Light technology, these timepieces stand as a testament to Luminox's pursuit of excellence in watchmaking and their commitment to meeting the demands of adventurers and watch enthusiasts alike.
Check out the latest additions to the Luminox Pacific Diver series here.
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