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Luminox Beay Grylls Mountain 3730 Watch Series

Luminox Introduces the Newest Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain Series

Luminox introduces the latest Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series, featuring three new watches. 

Building on the enduring partnership with renowned survivalist and brand ambassador Bear Grylls, Luminox draws inspiration from one of Grylls' earliest and most remarkable expeditions—summiting Mount Everest in 1998.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Bear Grylls' historic climb to the peak of Mount Everest, and Luminox pays tribute to this achievement with the launch of  the new 3730 Mountain series. Commemorating Grylls' ascent at the age of 23, just 18 months after a parachuting accident that resulted in a broken back, this series stands as a testament to his resilience and determination.

Luminox Beay Grylls Mountain 3730 Watch Series

The collection debuts with new integrated straps that seamlessly connect to the case, available in black or green. Embodying Grylls' motto, 'Never Give Up,' the inner ring of the timepiece bears this inscription to serve as a constant reminder of adventurous spirit. Enhancing the design, the dial numbers feature a special outline, creating a raised effect—a subtle yet impactful detail that distinguishes the timepiece's design. The bezel, marked with cardinal directions, caters to the needs of explorers.

The three models in the Mountain Series showcase the signature Bear orange crown, housed in a 43mm case with a central black dial and a choice of Orange, Green, or Sand for the outer rings. Grylls' signature is etched on the case back, providing a perpetual source of motivation.

Luminox Beay Grylls Mountain 3730 Watch Series

Crafted to endure the highest peaks or depths of 200m below sea level, the Bear Grylls Mountain 3730 Series incorporates Luminox's cutting-edge lighting system, Luminox Light Technology. This ensures that each timepiece remains visible in all lighting conditions for up to 25 years, embodying Luminox's commitment to both style and functionality.

Check out the Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series here.

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