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Factory & Headquarters

Since September 2019, the Mondaine Watch Group has been operating a photovoltaic system on the roof of our privately owned factory in Biberist, Switzerland.

The electricity generated from solar energy covers up to 80% of total annual needs and the remaining amount of energy is covered by green energy provided through a hydroelectric power plant. Mondaine Watch Ltd. has been engaged in efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint for several decades. And, in the year 2020, the watch group achieved its CO2 neutrality. Corporate sustainability and a sense of environmental and social responsibility have been an integral part of the Mondaine Group’s DNA for decades.

Materials such as waste paper, cardboard, batteries, PET bottles, plastic, and production waste, such as steel or electrical parts have been consistently separated, collected and recycled for decades.

Working Conditions

Our products are manufactured in a family-owned watch factory in Switzerland. The facility has excellent working conditions, based on strict Swiss labour practices.

Every employee is treated like family, wages are above average and many of our watchmakers are so passionate they've worked with us for decades.



Fairventures Worldwide: Non-profit organization Fairventures is an NGO committed to reforesting the rainforest in a very socially responsible manner in endangered areas, such as the Indonesian island of Borneo.

The progress of the reforestation project can be followed on an interactive webmap on the NGO’s website. The area to be reforested by Mondaine is marked with the “Mondaine” label.

#tide Ocean Materials: #tide material starts out as collected plastic waste, which is then broken down by a sophisticated sustainable process to its base particles. These are treated, cleaned, and then shredded so that they can be injected, just like the original plastic it once was. In this way, Luminox reuses this material, reduces the impact on the planet, and helps to clean up the ocean, while also helping the local Thai community learn a new skill and make a higher income.

Sustainability has been on Luminox’s radar for a while, and its parent company, Mondaine Watch Ltd., is one of the world’s first carbon-neutral watch companies. Since 2020, all Mondaine brands, including Luminox, operate with net-zero carbon emissions. The Mondaine Group uses solar power and eco-friendly materials in its production processes and is renowned for its innovation, including in the environmental field. In addition, a proportion of the company's revenue is donated to social and environmental non-profit organizations, such as Fairventures Worldwide.

Project Aware: Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. Project AWARE brings together a dedicated team of individuals around the world who share a passion for ocean protection and adventure to secure real and direct environmental victories. Luminox USA is donating a portion of the retail price from each sale of it's Bear Grylls X #tide watches made from 100% recycled materials to Project Aware.

Undersea voyager with Scott Cassell: Founded by undersea explorer Capt. Scott Cassell, the Undersea Voyager Project is designed to explore the first 1,000 feet of seawater (the largest environment on Earth) on a continuing series of missions to explore the Earth underwater.

Its mission is to advance scientific knowledge and understanding of the world's oceans, mankind's influence upon them and the life within, while communicating their findings freely to a global audience.

Luminox has been at his side since 2009 with a series of special edition watches that withstand the extremes of the underwater world. Some of our proceeds go to Scott Cassell’s projects.

View our 2020 sustainability report here.