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Luminox Navy SEAL Foundation Watch

Luminox revamps yet another classic, reimagining their iconic Navy SEAL Foundation Watch

The brand-new timepiece brings Luminox back to their roots as they once again recreate their most well-known collection in support of the military’s most elite forces.
The fearless Navy SEAL team is comprised of the world’s most resilient, brave, and dedicated warriors. Their iconic moniker, "SEAL," signifies their proficiency in Sea, Air, and Land operations, a testament to their capacity to endure the harshest of environments. They wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to safeguarding the United States of America and its citizens. Luminox has been in collaboration with the Navy SEALs from its inception, producing purpose-driven timepieces that mirror the resolute ethos of these elite military operators. As the official partner of the Navy SEALs, Luminox has ushered in a new era of their Navy SEAL Foundation series, further deepening their longstanding partnership with the military. This initiative seeks to honour the soldiers and their families, who have unwaveringly devoted themselves to the protection of their nation.
The Navy SEAL Foundation, in alignment with its mission, provides critical support to veterans as they transition back to civilian life, steadfastly standing by them and their families. Luminox takes immense pride in unveiling a new timepiece that embodies the five pillars that the Navy SEAL Foundation upholds: Strength, Resilience, Health, Education, and Community.
Navy SEAL Foundation Watch
The Luminox Navy SEAL Foundation watch boasts a robust CARBONOX™ case with a unidirectional rotating bezel. It is thoughtfully packaged with a choice of either a sand-coloured rubber strap or a deep green webbing strap, paying homage to the diverse and demanding conditions that Navy SEALs encounter in their line of duty, whether it's the unforgiving sands of the desert or the oppressive humidity of the jungle. The dial proudly features the Navy SEAL Foundation logo on the lowermost sub-dial, an emblem of their enduring commitment to this worthy cause. In addition, this timepiece offers a remarkable 200-meter water resistance, ensuring its reliability even in the most challenging underwater scenarios. As with all Luminox timepieces, it is equipped with Luminox Light Technology, guaranteeing unrivaled visibility in all lighting conditions for up to an astonishing 25 years.
Navy SEAL Foundation Watch
In essence, Luminox's Navy SEAL Foundation watch stands as a beacon of honour, integrity, and unwavering support for those who have served their country. It represents a seamless fusion of rugged design, precision engineering, and a deep-seated commitment to a noble cause. By wearing this timepiece, you carry with you the values of strength, resilience, health, education, and community that define not only the Navy SEALs but also the Luminox brand. It serves as a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by these dedicated soldiers and their families, a symbol of solidarity and gratitude for their service to the nation.
Check out the new watch here.
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