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Luminox dives deep: 6 additions added to the Pacific Diver 3120 Series

Luminox dives deep: 6 additions added to the Pacific Diver 3120 Series

The Luminox Pacific Diver Ripple Collection makes its global debut in a 39mm dial size and with Mother-Of-Pearl dial options as well as vibrant strap colours.

In 2023, Luminox is making a significant splash by expanding its Pacific Diver collection, introducing the ever-popular series in a new 39mm diameter case size. This move caters to a wider range of casual explorers and aquatic enthusiasts, all while staying true to Luminox's DNA and brand identity. The campaign assets for this exciting launch were shot in the mesmerising waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Diver Ripple series arrives with a total of six models, each catering to different preferences and styles. Despite the variations, all six styles share some impressive common features. Each watch boasts a stainless-steel case and a CARBONOX™ bezel, ensuring a perfect blend of durability and style. Powered by a reliable Swiss quartz movement with a date function, the timepieces deliver precise timekeeping.

Pacific Diver Riplle series

To ensure comfort and versatility, the watches are equipped with a cut-to-fit rubber strap and/or a stainless-steel jubilee bracelet. The sapphire crystal protects the dial from scratches and adds to the watch's overall allure. With a remarkable water resistance of 20 ATM, the Pacific Diver Ripple series confidently embraces any aquatic adventure.

Adding an exquisite touch of elegance, three of the models feature a captivating Mother-of-Pearl dial, introducing a new dimension of visual aesthetics to the timepieces. The luminous and bold rubber straps, available in Vivid Pink, Coastal Blue, Navy Blue, and Fresh White, further complement and enhance the watch's overall appeal.

Pacific Diver Ripple 39mm Watch - XS.3128M.SET

As with every Luminox timepiece, the Pacific Diver Ripple series incorporates the renowned Luminox Light Technology, providing exceptional visibility in any lighting conditions for up to an astonishing 25 years. This feature ensures that the watches are always readable, even in the darkest of environments.

The collection is set to be a perfect gift choice for individuals seeking a blend of style, functionality, and durability.

With Luminox's reputation for crafting timepieces that excel in challenging environments, the Pacific Diver Ripple series stands ready to accompany wearers on their most thrilling adventures, whether underwater or on land. Its versatility, elegance, and reliability make it an ideal choice for anyone who values both style and substance in their timekeeping companion.

Pacific Diver Ripple series

Luminox's expansion of the Pacific Diver collection to include the Ripple 39mm case size marks an exciting milestone for the brand. The watches cater to a broader audience while maintaining the essence of Luminox's identity. With an array of appealing features and designs, the Pacific Diver Ripple series is sure to make waves in the world of timepieces, capturing the hearts of casual explorers and aquatic enthusiasts alike. Embrace the spirit of adventure and elegance with the Pacific Diver Ripple series, and make a bold statement wherever your journeys take you.

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